First Step

Open TinkerCode app in your browser

Click here to go to TinkerCode app!

Second Step

Go to Base Controller and choose setup block

Third Step

Go to Makerkit Nano and choose SD write data block

Fourth Step

Duplicate the block

Fifth Step

Go to variable and create variable name

Sixth Step

Drag the set data variable block

Seventh Step

Drag read SD card data block

Eight Step

Create file name and and insert file data for each block

Ninth Step

Drag the data variable block

Tenth Step

Duplicate data variable block

Eleventh Step

Set slave pin number

Twelfth Step

Go to loops and drag delay block

Thirteenth Step

Insert SD card into SD card module

Fourteenth Step

Insert SD card module into Maker Kit Nano

Fifteenth Step

Connect Maker Kit Nano to USB port

Sixteenth Step

Update board type and port

seventeenth Step

Upload the code and wait until finish uploading

Eighteenth Step

Go to file explorer

Final Step

Click on the file to see the result

The Result