First Step

Open TinkerCode app in your browser

Click here to go to TinkerCode app!

Second Step

Drop setup and Arduino loop block

Third Step

Click Robot Kit and choose Makerkit Nano

Fourth Step

Drop LCD initialization block

Fifth Step

Go to Makerkit Nano and choose LCD set cursors block

Sixth Step

Go to Makerkit Nano and choose LCD print block

Seventh Step

Set cursors to start at specific row and columns

Eight Step

Write in text to display on LCD. Display “Makerkit Nano” on the first row

Ninth Step

To add text to display on the second rows, duplicate “set cursors” and “LCD print” block

Tenth Step

Set cursors for second rows

Eleventh Step

Insert text to be display in the second rows

Twelfth Step

Plug in USB port

Thirteenth Step

Update board type and port

Fourteenth Step

Upload the code

Final Step

Wait until finish uploading

The Result

Showing in the LCD display is the text that have been insert into the coding block !