Robocamp (12-14 December 2014)

Venue: ThinkerSpace Malaysia, Skudai Johor
Date: 12-14 December 2014


EarlyEduKids Robocamp 2014

  • Final Game - Conquer the Castle. Participant build their own castle and soldier. Each robot using rubber band shooter on their robot to shoot the soldier. At the end everybody wins.

  • Control your EV3 with smartphone- This is the Megabot

  • Concentrate!!!

  • Follow the line testing

  • Most happy team

  • Block programming during robot camp. Easily digest by kids 8 years and above

  • Final Day at Robocamp. Avoid the asteroid

  • Most wanted game. SumoBot control using mobile phone

  • First EarlyEdukids Mindstorm EV3 program

  • Look at our Plane Robot

  • Aqib and Imran, partner in school and also in RoboCamp

  • One man show. The only participant without a team mate. Manage to complete everything on his own. congrats

  • First Mission - Bob the Builder construction helper

  • Intense moment

  • Our youngest engineer, Farouq, 7 year olds

  • One of the game field for Robocamp 2014

  • Brother and Sister team at Robocamp 2014

  • Discussion with Abg Wan